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Lectures are held in the Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Main building, Cardiff University

Lectures (members only) commence at 7.30pm and last approximately 1 hour

Membership can be bought online, by post and at the door!

The society is a members only, non-profit making organisation that retains the aims set out when it was founded in 1926

“By Lectures, Demonstrations, etc, of a popular nature, to extend interest in the application of Science to everyday life”

The atmosphere is informal and friendly with fortnightly audiences of between 75-200 people.

Membership fees for the society for the 2013/2014 programme:

Senior members : £10

Under 18’s : Free

Click on the “Join” tab above for further information

Stem Cell Biology

16th October 2013

Dr Robin Lovell-Badge FRS FMedSci

Division of Stem Cell Biology & Developmental Genetics
MRC National Institute for Medical Research

Bowel Cancer: Genetics, Biology and Drug Response

5th February 2014
Sir Walter Bodmer FRCPath FRS

Cancer & Immunogenetics Laboratory, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine and Department of Oncology,

University of Oxford

For Cardiff University sponsored lectures, a drinks reception will be available for members in the Viriamu Jones Gallery from 6.45pm

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2013-14 programme now out

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The Sir Martin Evans Lecture

The Lord Phillips Memorial Lecture

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