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Black-hole Driven Explosions and the Dynamic Universe

Black-hole Driven Explosions and the Dynamic Universe

Carole Mundell

Prof. Carole Mundell
University of Bath

18th April 2018

Ever wondered what happens when two black holes collide or when a black hole over-eats and suffers cosmic indigestion?

Predicted from Einstein's theory of General Relativity, black holes have been confirmed to exist in nature but questions regarding their origin and influence in the Universe remain at the forefront of modern astronomy.

In this talk Prof. Carole Mundell will give a flavour of the different kinds of black holes we have discovered. She will describe the impact they have on their environments and the revolution in our understanding that is expected in the coming decade as we develop new ground and space-based technology that will open up new windows on energetic, transient phenomena in our dynamic Universe.

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