The Problem of finding Longitude, from the Phoenicians and the Vikings to the Board of Longitude and John Harrison

Dr John C. Taylor

6th October 2021

Dr Taylor became interested in finding his own longitude whilst trying to fly a small Aztec twin piston engine plane from Manchester to Tokyo in 1976. His route took him over the North Magnetic Pole so that for a long period even his magnetic compass was useless. He turned this interest to practical effect by studying all the examination grades of the Royal Yachting Association - Competent Crew, Day Skipper, YachtMaster and finally YachtMaster Ocean Instructor. Of course, all ocean navigation comes back to knowing Greenwich Mean Time wherever you are in the world. This then sparked Dr Taylor's interest in the development of clocks compensated for extremes of temperature from the Polar regions to the Tropics and capable of withstanding the violent motion of a ship in a storm. He has made some 30 transatlantic flights using the wonders of GPS which equally uses time to find position.

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