Science and the medicine of eyes - with an eye to the future

Chris Gorman
University Hospital Wales

20th January 2021

Until around the time the Royal Society was formed, knowledge in Medicine was limited to a ritualistic interpretation of the writings of particularly the ancient Greeks. It took the codifying of the scientific method and its application to clinical conditions to allow the speciality to make further advances in treating eye disease. This was a long battle against tradition. As an organ of precision, the eye lends itself easily to scientific study. Applying scientific principles to the management of eye conditions now allows us to treat conditions on a daily basis, that previously were blinding. Conversely, study directed to the understanding of the visual system has on occasion serendipitously led to major advances in wider scientific knowledge. The lecture will demonstrate how modern cutting-edge technology, particularly in data science, originated from work that was trying to advance our knowledge of how our brains process vision.

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