☰  Cardiff Scientific Society

Early History

The Cardiff Scientific Society has been in existence over seventy five years and active with only one break during 1939 and 1945. Today, it fulfils the same role as outlined by the founder members:

"By Lectures, Demonstrations, etc, of a popular nature, to extend interest in the application of Science to everyday life."

The first Minute Book records the inaugural meeting of the Science League held in the Physics Lecture Room, University Buildings in Newport Road on Tuesday November 12th 1926. Mr Cox was in the chair and Mr. W. O'Grady the secretary. No records exist to explain why the group was brought together but then, as now, the membership includes the academic community in Cardiff and those with an interest in science. Minutes documenting committee discussions, decisions and reports on recent lectures were typewritten using a Smith typewriter and a signed paper copy was pasted into a hardback foolscap notebook. At the second meeting, a week later, correspondence was read from the headquarters of the Science League and members decided against affiliation to this organisation as it would be too expensive.

This decision established the Cardiff Scientific Society.

You can download a detailed history for 1926-1945 here.